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For many years, formal save the date invitations have been printed and sent through the mail to family and friends.  But now you ...

10 Creative Wedding Video Invitations | Save the Date

For many years, formal save the date invitations have been printed and sent through the mail to family and friends. But now you can buy your Wedding Save the Date Video online that you will send through whatsapp, e-mail, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. that will get your guests attention. 

Tell Your Story Animated Save the Date Slideshow INT004

Save the Date | Wedding Invitation Video | INT002

By Guest Name Wedding Invitation Video INT003

Save The Date | Custom Wedding Invitation Video - INT008

Animated Wedding Video Invitation | Save the Date INT014

Online Indian WhatsApp Wedding Video Invitations - INT020

No Photo Save the Date Video INT 005

Why Save the Date Video for Invitation?

It is a short, to-the-point video created to invite guests to all types of events. The purpose is to get their attention, so that they will be impressed and remember when your event takes place. 

In what occasion I can buy / create Save the date invitation video?

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How can I buy my Save the Date Video / Invitation Video?

Simply visit Invitation video you like and press buy now and complete the details & payment. Send all photos / videos clips. We will make and send the video.

I want short & Sweet wedding Save the Date video?

Yes, you can select the same for your wedding invitation

I want my own photos on Save the Date video?

Yes, we create that also Photo slideshow Invitation Video

I have an unique idea for my Save the Date video that tells the story of relationship?

Yes, we create customise invitation video also as per your requirement before ordering please discusses your idea with us.

Do you have save the date invitation that tells our story?

Yes we have that also pls check Story Type save the date wedding video

Do you have simple Arranged marriage save the date video?

Yes we create short and simple save the date for arranged marriage.

We have our photos click from mobile that you can include in Invitation video?

Yes, we include that also

I want to add video clip capture from my mobile for inviting our family and friends.

Yes, you can send that video clip as well we include that video clip in your save the date video.

In which format you will provide the final output of invitation video?

We provide you in two MP4 format one for whatsapp or email or facebook in less than 25mb and one for MP4 1080p for uploading in high resolution on youtube, vimeo, etc.

Do you create completely Animated Save the date video which includes no picture and videos ?

Yes we have Animated Save the Date Video also which only provides the couple name, some couple story text and venue details.

Once you ordered your selected invitation, the next step is to upload your own pictures, text, and music to make it your own. When that has been received, you will get your customized video usually in 3 days. That way, you can review the video and know it is ready to go when needed.
You can choose a unique wedding invitation video that will capture the attention of your family and friend to ensure that they will know your wedding is coming up. Your unique wedding invitation video will use your pictures, music, and theme that you have selected to create something that is truly special.

However, you do not have to limit a video invitation to weddings or similar formal events. You can use them for a wide array of events that range from corporate gatherings to simple family get-togethers. You can use your imagination in creating a video that will reach your family and friends in a way that traditional invitations could never hope to do.

Why choose Video Invitations?

There are good reasons why you should buy video invitation online, especially if your event is one that you want your family and friends to attend.

Easy to Make: All you do is choose the video theme, upload your photos, music, and text, and let the professional do the rest. This means that you get a high-quality video invitation that can be posted online or sent to family and friends to ensure they get the message.

Attention-Getting: There is something about a well-produced video that grabs the attention of those who see it. Because it uses your pictures, music, and text information, the impact becomes even greater which makes it a must-attend event for your audience.

Affordable: You do not have to spend much when online shopping for video invitation. This means that for a price that fits your budget, you get a knockout video invitation that will certainly be the talk of those who see it and make your event one that people will want to attend.

If you have never considered a formal video invitation before, you will want to consider it now because it is effective, impactful, and affordable. At We The Invite Story, we can provide to you an e-invitation that is paperless, read on mobile devices, and brings impact to your events.

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