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Holiday Video Editing Services Prices & Info


Photography Package

Holiday Video Editing Services

Deliverables 1. Short 3 to 5 minute video with tour title
2. Full-length video

Holiday Video Editing Package Description:

Upto 1 Hour Raw footage @INR 10,000 Professional Certified Video Editor to craft your holiday Story, Edit a short 3 to 5 minute video of your holidays, Edit the full-length video, Crop and trimming unwanted shorts from the video, include 5 pictures.
Upto 2 Hours Raw footage @INR 15,000 -Same as above- Only the full length video duration will increase and include 10 pictures.
Upto 3 Hours Raw footage @INR 20,000 -Same as above- Only the full length video duration will increase and include 15 pictures.
Upto 5 Hours Raw footage @INR 25,000 -Same as above- Only the full length video duration will increase and include 25 pictures.
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: When I am changing the basic package to upper package the amount is still appearing for the basic package. What to do?

A: You just select the package you required and click BUY NOW the amount and package automatically appears on Shopping Cart.

Q: Where I can upload the Raw footage of my holidays?

A: You can upload it to the following sites and send the link for download to our mail id: or whatapp to +91-9717488709

Q: What if I want some changes in the video after Editing?

A: You review our work online and let us know what we should change.

Q: How I can download the final video after editing?

A: We will notify you as soon as your job is done and sent the downloadable link to your email.

Q: How much time it take to complete Video Editing work?

A: Typically, it takes 15 days to finalise the project. If you are in hurry you can take our SAME DAY EDIT VIDEO EDIT PACKAGE.

Q: I want to add some pictures in the video

A: Yes you can add pictures in the video check in the Holiday Video Editing Package how many pictures you can add without any extra charges.

Q: What all required from my side to complete the project on time?

A: After making payment send the following
1. Downloadable link of all your raw footage and pictures of holidays.
2. Title of the Video ( you can mention the place name where you spend the holidays).
3. Dates during your holiday.
4. Names of persons who are main highlight of the videos. (optional)
5. Any other text you want to add in the video.

Q: How I can pay for Holiday Video Editing package?

A: We use Paypal gateway for International Customer the safest payment method for purchasing our services online and for Indian Customer its having two options Directly bank transfer or Paypal gateway.

Q: I am full interested. What's the full procedure? Can you tell me?

A: Call the no. Given in the description. They will tell the full process.

Q: I have to upload photos on google drive.then share the link with you on your gmail account right?

A: Yes, with order number.

Q: Can it be delivered at a specified time or date?

A: Sorry specified time or date not possible.

Q: Can I send photos or videos on whatsapp number that you have provided?

A: No

Q: One email can only contains 20MB then what we can do?

A: Send it via dropbox or google drive

Q: Do u mentioned some text if we want in the video?

A: can be mentioned

- If you have questions about Holiday Video Editing Package, please  write to us Customer Care at or call us at +91-9717488709 or Comment 

**Note: Please send us your video, pictures and text through Google drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer or to with Order id (mandatory). Any other details you can ping us on whatsapp no: 9717488709
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